8/4/15 Journey Blog Continued..


… I am inspired to write this Blog, not by my own works but by watching the movie called “Julie & Julia” with two of my favorite actors, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. This was a great movie about a young lady who began to blog her way through a cook book by Juliet Childs. In the process she learned the Art of French cooking.

I hope that by the end of this blog, I learn the Art of being an Author and maybe, in the process,  I can help others become authors as well!

This is a day by day blog account of a new author’s journey…

Just a note:  I’m a pragmatist. Even in my theology I lean toward “practical theology” not religion. The religious (a spiritual yeast infection) have always been a stench in God’s nostrils. It was, and still is, the religious who killed Jesus. The religious still want to be in control and have power over people, even over God himself (Jesus).

In my quest for Jesus and practical theology, I always want to know how it’s done (The Way of Christ) so that I can teach it to others. One of the ways it is done is by explaining a personal journey to others; some call it testimony. In this case, I call it a blog of an Author’s Journey.

In the beginning;

(I’ve always wanted to write that 🙂

Since I am already a few months into my journey of learning how God is making me an author, I’ll have to start by re-capping the past events to bring the readers and this blog up to date.  So here goes.

Maybe it happened over the years of my self-made tragedies, God only knows, but I believe the birth of this new author began while I was in jail a few years ago. Let me explain…

I’ve been, what is called, a high functioning alcoholic for over 60 years. I’m now clean and sober for almost 2.5 years and climbing! Thank you Jesus!

I grew up an alcoholic. Without going into too much detail, I give all the detail when I speak publicly, I was traumatized as a very young man over 60 years ago, since 2015. My parents were considered just above poverty level so they didn’t have a lot of options available to them. They also didn’t believe me when I told them about my trauma. So I learned to deal with my problem the way I saw my dad doing it. Since dad was an alcoholic, booze was readily available to me.

I drank and later added drugs, all the way through elementary school, high school and, of course college. After graduation I became an administrator for the government and then aerospace companies with secret clearances. Drinking always seemed to fit in with the business culture.  I later went to Seminary and became a Presbyterian Minister of the Word and Sacrament;  that’s long for Pastor :-).  Even later I planted churches, ministries and became a non-denominational (so to speak) Pastor.  Now I co-own a company (with wife), take care of my 90 year old mother (full time), play music and write while committed to my own recovery program day by day.

I was the major reason I had three other failed marriages, several car wrecks, and many personal and professional relationships ruined. I am now married to my fourth wife, almost 30 years thank God, and I almost ruined this marriage as well.

I believe the only reason I was not able ruin this marriage was because 31 years ago I remember asking God for a Christian woman who would stick with me.

God sent Carol. I had no idea how tenacious she really was. Nevertheless, she finally put her little co-dependent foot down a few years ago and called the police and had me arrested.

I could have become bitter and resentful over my incarceration but instead I cried out to God in jail and by the time I was let out of jail and began to come out of denial as well. I finally realized I am an alcoholic (I have the disease) and I needed help.

It was shortly after I started my personal recovery program (AA, Celebrate Recovery, much reading material, counseling, etc.) and after the years of alcohol began to finally leave my brain (took months), I began to hear God clearly again.

This is the rest of the story of how I think this birth of an author got started:…


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