Hello out there.  I am beginning to write my second book and I could use some input from any Fathers or Grandfathers out there.

THE QUESTION:  Did you ever have kids or grandkids who you wish you could pass on what little wisdom you have acquired over you lifetime?  In my case, either the child would not listen, was angry with me, or was not old enough to comprehend what I was trying to teach.  If you had that kind of experience and you wish you could pass on something to someone, even if it was not your child, with the hope that someday your child or grandchild would get a hold of a book with your wisdom in it; HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

THE QUEST:  I’m at the begging of the book so I’m starting to compile information.  I’m not so arrogant that I believe I’m the only one who can pass on some wisdom.  So I’m hoping I can compile wisdom from a lot of Fathers and Grandfathers out there ready to PASS IN ON or as commonly said “PLAY IT FORWARD”.

HOW TO:  If you interested in making your mark on a book; the following is the rough format.  Please feel free to write into one or more.  I will be the editor.  When I publish, if I use what you have contributed, you will be given specific written credit in the book.  In addition, all contributors will also be given written credit for, at least, making an attempt to give input.  So everyone’s name will be in the book just for filling out the form and attempting to make an entry.  For those whose entries I post, there will be a “Special Mention”!



MIND ________________________

SPIRIT ______________________

FORMAL EDUCATION ___________________

IN-FORMAL EDUCATION __________________

FINANCES _____________________________

PEOPLE SKILLS ___________________________

PRACTICAL ——————————————-

ARTISTIC ——————————————–

OTHER CATEGORY (PLEASE NAME) _________________________

Sincerely Yours

Dr. G. L. “Dr. G” Aldana, BA, MA, MDIV, PhD

Married 30 years, 2 boys, 6 Grandchildren

Alcoholic, drug addict, 2 years clean & sober.


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